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Bedikos after conclusion of 7 clean days


I was scheduled to go to the Mikvah last wed 10/13. I wasn’t able to.
I did proper Bedikos until then and including wed. I have done bedikos since then but definitely missed at least 1. If I do a Bedika today- can I go tonight?




Yes you may.

As a matter of fact, you do not have to do any bedikos after the conclusion of the 7 clean days until the tevila (nor wear white). Preferably though, one should do a bedika before the tevila, however if the bedika was forgotten the woman can still tovel.

All the best



Sefer Mei Nidda Siman 197 se’if 2 says that ideally one should do a bedika before the tevila. C.f.  Pischa Da’as (page 285) who brings the opinion of Rav Elyashiv who was not stringent.


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