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Postpone drinking Jahrzeit alcohol till Shabbat, when people don’t drive cars?



Highly Esteemed Din Online:

On Adar 15th, on Purim, is two years of my Dear Mama’s Jahrzeit.
I asked the Rabbi, what should I prepare for the Jahrzeit, what kind of food. And was told amongst other items to bring some alcohol, some wine.

At the same time, Purim is the holiday, when / but people drive vehicles on it. And alcohol and steering the wheels – those two mediums are not propitious in between themselves.

I asked, whether it would be possible to postpone – delay drinking wine for Jahrzeit till Shabbat, when nobody would be driving their cars. This idea of mine was met with the polite and reserved skepticism.

Should I insist, that my Dear Mama’s Jahrzeit alcohol – wine must not be presented, during the regular day, but only on Shabbat? As it might induce some people into semi drunk driving? In the morning, before Purim festive meal – seuda. Though, of course, most likely none would be succumbing to that… But still such a possibility does exist.

…And, personally, I prefer the grape juice and Zero sugar sodas to any alcohol…

…Some of the food, which was recommended for Jahrzeit would not, probably, be most exciting to the most attendants of this Date.
Are there any recommended sorts of food and snacks for the Jahrzeit meal?

Ba kavod rav,


Thank you for your question.

The idea of making a meal or of drinking a little bit is not with the intention of getting intoxicated. If anything, a yahrtzeit is not a joyous day for the family, rather a day that we try to do mitzvos so they will be a merit for the departed soul in the world of truth. The idea for drinking a little bit and eating some cake etc., is only in order to make a bracha, which will be a merit for the departed soul, and as far as the yahrtzeit is concerned there isn’t any point in drinking any more than that. Definitely not enough to get intoxicated.

One other point, Purim is on the 15th only in certain cities in Israel, such as Yerushalayim, but in most cities it is on the 14th of Adar.

Best wishes


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  1. Thank You very much, Dear Rabbonim! Yes, my Dear Mama’s Jahreszeit is Purim Shushan. …Two years… Olga Bas Rivka.
    ויהי נפשתה מנוחתה ב גן עדן!
    Let the soul of my Dear Dear Dear Mutti be in Paradise!

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