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Hatoras nedarim


Unfortunately I am a collector for myself currently living in Brooklyn, and I have had a very stringent policy never to actually collect inside a shul or beis medrash itself, just in the hallway, or entrance way, or outside the building.
My reasons are because I feel very strongly that the act of collecting is very disturbing to those trying to learn or pray, and I just cannot bring myself to do this, especially if it requires verbally asking someone for a donation to my cause.
I usually stand in the street quietly and just wait for passers by to put something in the box.
However, times seem to be getting more difficult and I am no longer receiving each day the quota which I require to maintain my situation.
Currently don’t have the funds to even pay my rent due next week.
In addition, now before Pesach, I am even more in desperate need for extra funds to be able to make my Yom Tov purchases, plus other needed items.

Other collectors have been pressuring me for a long time to join them and go collecting as they do inside the shuls and batei medrashim for about 4 to 6 hours at a time, promising me much larger sums than I have been making lately outside.
I still feel it is not the proper way, but desperation somehow demands changes of sorts.
I am trying to hold out as long as I can, but time is quickly running out.

Someone raised the question that perhaps first I need to do hatoras nedarim because of this strigency which I have been keeping, before I could go collecting in shuls etc, should I decide to do so.



Thank you for your question.

It is impressive to see a person who stands up to his ideals even though it is not easy.

Regarding your question, since you didn’t say that you are going to do this, and you did it because you felt that this is the right thing to do, then it is considered like a neder because you actually did it three times. However, such a type of neder would be included in your mesiras moda’ah on erev Rosh Hashana. Therefore, you can rely on the mesiras modaah, although it is preferable to be matir neder in front of a Rov.

Hashem should send you an abundance of parnossa, and wealth and whatever you need physically and spiritually.

Best wishes


ע’ ספר כל נדרי פפ”א סע’ י”ג, וי”ד, שלהנהגה טובה אפשר לסמוך על מסירת מודעא, וע”ש שמביא משו”ת שלמת חיים ס’ תס”ז, דעת תורה ס’ רי”א סק”ב, מנחת שלמה ח”א ס’ צ”א אות כ’, וע”ש שמביא ג”כ מחזו”א,  ר’ אלישיב, ור’ שיינברג זצ”ל

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