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Shemita regarding hadasim


We live in EY. Someone gives my husband every week for shabbas, hadasim or rosemary or some kind of herb bush that has an aromatic fragrance. I’m assuming it grows wild somewhere nearby. Is this a problem with shemitta and does it have kedushas sheviis and do we need to ask this person (a frum person) where he is getting it from?



Thank you for your question.

It is questionable if fragrant herbs that were taken for hier good smell have kedushas shviis or not. Therefore, a number of poskim say that we should keep them with kedushas shviis.

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Yerushalmi Sheviis 7-1 poses the question and doesn’t give a final ruling, Shiurei Shevet Halevi- Shviis pg. 404, Darcei Horaah 8 pg. 20, Hashmitta Khilchoso pg. 37.


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