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Did Israel vomit out the jews


Please see Vayikra 20:22. Did we see Israel vomit out the jews when the 1st Beis Hamikdosh was destroyed?



Yes. Unfortunately this is what happened. Eretz Yisroel can’t take sin, and since we sinned we had to go into exile.

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  1. What was the role of the land of Israel in exiling the jews. It seems that Hashem used Bavel to exile the jews not the land itself.

    1. Although there was a hunger, in the years preceding the exile, in general it wasn’t the “land” itself. Rather the idea is that the land of Israel, and the one in charge of it, will not allow sinner to stay there. the Midrash says that each land has a supervising angle that is in charge of it. However Eretz Yisroel has no specific angle, rather it is Hashem Himself who oversees and cares for the land. when He doesn’t like what is going on there, he will expel it’s inhabitants.

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