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Hi Rabbi.
My kids really wanted a pet. and a dog was too much. somebody was giving away a free bunny so we took it. the kids enjoy it, I just wanted to know if there is any halachik or hashkafic or kabbalistic issue of owning a pet. If I remember correctly there is a Rebbi Yehuda Hachassid who says one should not own a parrot? also does the Rabbi think it is educational for the kids to be able to interact with the bunny.
Thank you



I am not an expert on owning pets as I have never had one myself, however a few ideas come to mind. the first is that the pet has to be given its meal in the morning before the owner eats. The food given to it can not be a mixture of cooked milk and meat. Owning a pet, can be beneficial to some children, depending on the individual needs.

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