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Saying Kol Nidre at Home Alone & Other YK Tefillas?


Does a woman who is home alone throughout Yom Kippur say 1. Kol Nidre 2. (During Neila) H’ hu ha’Elokim 3. (During Neila) Shma Yisroel? Thank you very much.



  1. Regarding saying Kol Nidrei when davening in private, there are two parts to Kol Nidrei, one part is to nullify previous vows that one might have said in the past, and the second part is to make a declaration that any vows that I will make or actions that I will do that will cause a vow, that I don’t want the vow to exist. When saying Kol Nidrei in private, it will only help for the declaration part, but not for invalidating previously made nedarim. You can say the whole thing if you want, however it will only help for the declaration part.
  2. A person davening at home on Yom Kippur may say Shema Yisroel, Hashem hu, Borch shem, etc., because they are all pesukim or praises.

Have a kesiva v’chasima tova


  1. Ohr L’zion 4 chapter 16-5.


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