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Seit billing


I do seit therapy that gets paid through the board of Ed.
Often students come late to school and it ends up messing up my schedule as sessions are 30 or 60 min each and they may come late. Since I can only bill on increments of 30 min, if he is ten min late, I can lose a full half hour.
I try to stay late if I can, or make up missed time, but it’s not always possible. I have another job so I have to leave.
A coworker of mine told me she got a psak that if your session starts at 9 and kid comes late, you can bill for the time you were meant to start. Is this permissible for me? Thank you.



Is there anything written about students coming late or missing in your contract, or was this topic discussed when you got the job? If it was then you have to follow the terms that were agreed upon. Additionally, if you know of any rules regarding this, you will have to go according to the rules.

If there isn’t anything written about it, then you can bill them for the half hour that you designated to the student, like the psak that your friend got.

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