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Drinking lemon tea on Rosh HaShanah


Lemon tea is one of my favourite drinks. However on Rosh HaShanah I deprived myself of having the pleasure of drinking this, because of the sour element of the lemon juice. (I prepare the fresh lemon juice before Shabbos and Yom Tov.) Did I do the right thing?
(In case it makes a difference, I make the lemon tea with some sugar, so it is sweet and sour, but I do like it very tangy.)
Thank you.




I think you did the right thing. The minhag is not to eat or drink sour things, as a symbol that we should not have a sour year. IY”H your year should be a sweet one. The fact that you didn’t have one of the drinks that give you pleasure is in place on Rosh Hashana, because it is a Yom Hadin, and although we eat a festive meal to show our trust in Hashem that he will judge us favorably, nevertheless, Rosh Hashana is not a day for indulging in pleasures. Therefore, you are doing just fine.

Have a gmar chasima tova



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