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Dressing for davening


I (female) have ADD and struggle with time management and housekeeping. I’m working on myself and improving b”H. My question is that once in a while, such as on erev shabbos, I can either daven dressed not 100% – without socks etc. – or I can give up on davening that day because by the time I find the clothes I need it will be past chatzos. Is it better to just say brochos and Mincha, or daven shacharis in a not-tzenius enough way to leave the house? (Again, it’s something I’m working on, my question is what to do till I get a real handle on this struggle.)




From your question it is clear that you understand that you should try to daven when you are dressed properly. However, in the once in a while event that you are faced with the choice of either davening when mostly dressed, but not fully, or not davening, then choose to daven even though you aren’t fully dressed. This way you fulfilled your obligation to daven, even though it was missing, but it is better than not at all.

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