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Mistakes in davening


I have a few questions regarding making mistakes in davening (mispronunciation, etc)
If while davening I notice I have made a mistake on pronouncing a word, should I go back and repeat it? Or is it not appropriate to go back to what has already been said?
If I do go back to repeat it, how far back do I go? Start again from the incorrect word, or repeat the whole sentence? The whole paragraph? And do I start again from that point and repeat what has been said after?
I sometimes find in rescanning over the words I’ve said to ensure I didn’t make a mistake – once I’ve finished a paragraph or a Bracha, is it too late to go back? And do any tfilllot need to be repeated if I notice a mistake after the fact?



It is possible that there would be times that you would have to re-say what was said, but it depends on what you actually said in each case, where the mistake was made, if it changed the meaning of the word or not, etc.

In general, it is not a good idea for you to be concerned with this, just say the words to the best of your ability, and then don’t be concerned if you said it correctly or not. If you will doubt yourself on every word that you say, it will drive you crazy, and this is not what H-shem wants. Therefore, just daven the best you can, and don’t look back at what you already said.


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