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Hi it’s me again..
The Rov said he has a answer to the question i asked about tehilim ( the question was, does one have to be careful to not have anyone in particular in mind when saying tehilim that discuss klalas etc.. since the Rama/ mishna berura say that there maybe a ch’sash sakana if the baal koreh reads the to’chach and the person he hates gets the aliyah (if he has him in mind it might be a sakana) from this halacha someone wants to say ( think the sefer is Shaf v’yasiv, and i think he also says it from the Peleh yoetz) that one has to be careful when reading tehilim to not have anyone in mind for the same reason. ?
I’m afraid to say tehilim because i suffer from intrusive thoughts and chas v’shalom I’m afraid of having someone in mind when saying those kapitlach?!

My second question is I’m afraid to say tachnun now because i dont have the right kavanh and the zohar says…. ( based on this article )




You do not have to be worried about any of these two things. When the Baal Koreh reads the torah he is as if in the place of Hashem reading the words, therefore there is more of a hakpada. It doesn’t apply to a regular person aying tehillim.

Regarding tachnun, although the Zohar says what he says, nowadays we anyways don’t have the correct kavnos, and the poskim still say that we should say tachanun.

By the way, have you seen someone regarding your difficulty yet?

Best wishes

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