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Tricking a Goy


Is it mutar to order something online and then claim that it never came? I’m not asking about the lying aspect as I can say it in a way that isn’t lying. My question is regarding taus akum when they think that you are telling the truth and will refund me. Is this stealing?




Doing this is absolutely assur, as we are not allowed to actively fool anyone, (geneivas daas), and it is also stealing. Additionally, saying something in a way that fools someone, is also considered lying. True it is not the same degree of lying, and an outright untruth, nevertheless it is still considered lying, and “m’dvar sheker tirchak”.

Aside from this, such a practice is very detrimental for a person’s middos. This is essentially stealing, or as some people will try to whitewash it, and call it “shtick”, and even if it would be permitted, which it isn’t, it will start you off on a career of fooling, stealing, and being dishonest. We all believe Hashem that Hashem gives us our parnassa, He has plenty of ways to give it to us, and He doesn’t want that we should get it in this fashion.

Hashem should send you all that you need and take away the yetzer hora of stealing.


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