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Took more tickets for raffle than allowed


A child over bar mitzva was in a program for mishnayos that received tickets for the amount mishnayos learned. He said a higher amount that he had learned and therby won a set of sforim. The program does not exist anymore but he knows the donor of the program. What should he do? He had done this before his bar mitzva as well and won a sefer, is there sny difference before and after bar mitazva?



He should speak to the person who ran the program, because he is the one in charge of what goes on in the program, even though the program is no longer functional. (It is possible that the person will say, that they know that children often cheat on this, and therefore there is no need to do anything about it.) When he talks to the person, he should mention both the part, of before and after his bar mitzva. Even though the child might not be monetarily obligated to pay back for items stolen before his bar mitzva, if the item is still intact, which is very possible with a sefer, then it has to be returned. Even if the item is no longer intact, it is still the correct thing to pay back the money.
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שולחן ערוך חושן משפט הלכות גניבה סימן שמט סעיף ג “קטן שגנב, מחזירין קרן לבעלים אם הוא בעין; ואם אינו בעין, פטור אף לאחר שיגדיל” וע’ פתחי חושן הל’ גניבה פ”ד סע’ כ”א שי”א שאפילו אם אינו בעין, שמדיני שמים שהוא חייב לשלם”.


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  1. Is the director supposed to say that it is alright to cheat? lmaase he got something that he doesnt deserve.

    1. I really hope the director will not say that. We are talking in retrospect, and the director has the right to be mochel it.

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