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My apartment


I bought an apartment on level -1 with a garden. My lawyer asked the owner to have all of the neighbors sign that the garden belongs to the apartment being that the builders made mistakes and only part of the garden was showing as owned by him. All of the neighbors signed other than one who wrote: ” On condition that I build over the garden”. I saw this but my lawyer said that this paper is for the city only and does not have any implications. Seven years later, this neighbor wants to build over my garden ( which will literally bury my apartment ) and is using this paper with his own condition to prove that I am obligated to him. I did not sign on that paper, but he says that since I am using the garden it is as if I agreed to his condition. I never had anything to do with him, nor did I ever agree to his building. It will also destroy my apartment. Is it possible that what he claims is true?




This is something that would have to be settled in a Bais Din. If you would like to make an appointment you can call 972-2- 502-3637 and speak with the secretary.

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