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electronic bulletin board


is it permitted to have an electronic bulletin board in a public place? lobby of an apartment house where I live?
one of the neighbors in the building keeps on turning the screen off. He beieves it’s like a television and he says it can corrupt his children. But the operator of the advertisements is dati-leumi and claims he won’t agree to advertise any food establishments who aren’t kosher and there won’t be any photography that would be unmodest. The advantage of this bulletin board is that there is a large space where the Vaad- hOUSING COMMITTEE can write messages on it- like what time is the timer on for Shabbat elevator… or mazal tov on the birth of a child….


On one hand the bulletin board isn’t forbidden to have, on the other hand it isn’t really public property, but property of partners. What you need here is not a halachic decision, but someone, maybe a local Rov that both sides can talk to to help you come to a peaceful solution, that will to everyone’s satisfaction.

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