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Accessing a service using someone else’s account


A website has a discount rate for students to listen to streamed music. Someone who has a sibling who is a student and is eligible, wants to register and log in using his siblings info and get the discounted service. The eligible sibling currently does not subscribe to the service and has no plans of doing so for himself. May his older brother register and log in using his sibling’s identity?




This sounds like stealing. Having a brother that is eligible for something doesn’t mean that he brothers who aren’t eligible can use it. This is a discount given specifically for students, and if the brother isn’t eligible, he has to pay the regular price. Similar to a student that has a bus card, the entitles him to ride for a discounted fare, his brother may not use it, just because he isn’t. It is very enticing, to want to do this and save money but on the long run, being honest will pay off.

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