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I was in a non-Jewish fabric store. There was a roll of fabric that only had a little bit left on it. I went up to the cutting counter, where there were 2 workers helping customers. When it was my turn, I told the woman behind the counter that I want whatever is left on the roll, which was a little more than a yard and a half. She responded, “Oh, you want a yard? And you could use the rest?” I was a bit confused by what she was doing. At this point, the other worker left the counter. She then explained to me that she didn’t want the manager to see her doing this (I guess the other woman was the manager) but she was giving me everything beyond the yard at the “end-of-the-roll” discounted price. Should I have told her I wanted to pay the full price?




From what you are writing it does seem that what the cashier did was against her bosses wishes, to give you the discount, however this isn’t completely clear to me. You would want to return the money, but on the other hand you dom’t have to get the worker in trouble.  I would suggest that you calculate the differance in price, bring that amount back to the store, and give it back to the manager (not the owrker who might just pocket the money). You can tell the manager you think there was a mistake in the pricing here, without getting into detail, why a mistaker happened.)

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