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Kashrus – iruy kli rishon into tin containing a treif baby bottle



When I became frum, my parents’ kashered their house. Recently, relatives who are Jewish but not shomer kashrus came over and brought a baby bottle with Similac formula and water in it. The people wanted to heat the bottle so they warmed water in a dairy pot, put the treif bottle in an aluminum tin on the dairy counter, and poured the water from the pot into the aluminum tin to warm the bottle. (My parents have addressed this and are going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.) I don’t know if the pot was ben yomo or aino ben yomo. The water was certainly above yad soledes l’chumra (113° F) but it’s possible it wasn’t above 160° or some of the higher shitas for vadai yad soledes.

I assume the counter on which the aluminum tin was resting doesn’t have to be kashered? Does the pot from which the water was poured have to be kashered from any steam that may have come back up from the aluminum tin?

Thank you and tizku l’mitzvos.




If my underatsning is correct, the uluminum tin is only a kli sheini, which will not havetoi heat intensity draw out taste through the plastic of the bottle. Therfore the tin will surely not give off steam to make the pot trief, and your pot and counter arestill kosher

Best wishes


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