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Muddy Buddies for Dessert


Would I make a bracha on Muddy Buddies (a snack made of Rice Chex cereal coated in a chocolate- peanut butter mixture) when eating them for dessert by the end of a seuda? Thank you!



The bracha would be the same brahca as when it is not eaten during a meal. Since it is made of rice and not from the five grains, whichever bracha has the majority of ingredients. For example if they were made only from Rice Chex, and the peanut butter etc., are not more than th cereal, then the bracha would be mezonos. However if there were some Corn Chex, and peanut butter etc., which would make that most of it is shehakol, then the bracha would be shehakol.

Regarding the fact that it is dessert during a bread meal. In general, we make a bracha when eating dessert, with the exception of foods that are bread-like (most “pas habaah b’kisnin”). This is since, according to some authorities the bracha on it would be hamotzei, therefore when it comes to dessert we will not make a bracha. Everything else that isn’t bread-like, gets a bracha when eaten for dessert. Muddy Buddies made of rice are not bread-like, therefore we will make a bracha on them when eating them for dessert.

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Orach Chaim 157-1, 158-10, M”B 41,42

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