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  1. Is buckwheat chumetz?
  2. Is semolina chumetz?
  3. Are oats chumetz?
  4. Is quinoa chumetz?
  5. Are lentils chumetz?




  1. Buckwheat is not chometz, however the Ashkenazi is not to eat it as it is included in kitnios, which we don’t eat.
  2. Semolina comes from wheat and is a type of wheat flur, therefore it can very well be chometz.
  3. Oats are from the five grains that can be chometz and are not eaten unless specially prepared from Pesach. The same applies to semolina.
  4. Quinoa is not chometz as it isn’t from the five grains. Regarding it being kitnois, therefis controversy a moung the contemporary poskim if it is included in kitnois or not.
  5.  Lentils are included in kitnios.

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