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V’sein Bracha at Maariv


If someone realized hours later they may have said V’sein Tal… instead of V’sein Bracha at Maariv, do they say another Shemoneh Esrei right then, or say two at Shacharis the next day?




If it is still the time to daven maariv, then say it then.

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  1. This is assuming that he didn’t have in mind in the beginning of shemoneh esrei to say vesein bracaha, but if he would have had in mind to say vesein bracha in the beginning of shemoneh esrei since he only remembered hours later he would not go back (Mishna Berura 114:38, 422:10).

    1. Correct. See Piskei teshuvos 114-13, regarding a person who has a hard time concentrating, and knows that even if he reminds himself beforehand he is quite apt to forget.

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