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crumbs on cholent pot


1) I had a cheesecake in the fridge that my little girls kept on moving around and looking at over Shavous. Some crumbs scattered throughout the fridge, which I tried cleaning up as soon as it happened, but might have missed some. Also, they did this several times. Later I put my cholent pot into the bottom of the fridge when it was just warm and no longer hot. Sunday night (more than 24 hours later) I found a couple of little crumbs (which might have been shnitzel) on top of the cholent pot, which was a bit wet from condensation. Do I have to be concerned that the wet crumbs infused some taste onto my cholent pot? Also, I’m a little concerned that the crumbs touched it when the pot was still warmish (but I was able to touch the pot without wanting to take my hand away).




The crumbs should have been cleaned off before using the pot or heating it up. However, in retrospect, the crumbs were only a minute amount in comparison to the pot and would be botil.

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