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Random kashrus questions


1) Inedible objects- One of my children had “decorated” a dairy bowl with puffy paint and then a different child later made an omelet and ate it hot in that bowl. Do I have to worry about the kashrus of the bowl and fork he used to eat it?
2) I was walking around with a fleishig spatula covered in schnitzel oil and noticed that I walked over a dairy spoon. I didn’t davka notice that oil fell onto the spoon, but it got me a bit nervous that maybe some did. Is there anything I should do about the dairy spoon?
3) Can raw eggs become “fleishig” by having a warm pan (a cake that was baked in a fleishig oven) put on top of them? (I don’t know how hot the pan was at the time- it was probably just warm as it was already out of the oven for some time). Those eggs might have later been used for dairy, though I’m not %100 sure…
4) On Shavuos my little girls kept on taking the cheesecake in and out of the refrigerator and ended up dropping cheesecake crumbs everywhere. I later put my warm cholent pot at the bottom of the fridge. More than 24 hours later, I took the pot out of the fridge and noticed that it had some crumbs on top (the crumbs might have been from schnitzel) and also that the pot became moist from condensation. Do I have to worry that the wettish crumbs did anything to my cholent pot?
5) I read recently that mayonnaise might be a dvar charif because it contains lemon juice/vinegar. Is this the accepted practice? What about salad dressing?




  1. If the paint is not edible, then it will not make anything trief, therefore you have nothing to worry about. Besides it most probably doesn’t have anything trief inside it.
  2. As a rule in kashrus, we do not have to worry that something might have happened when we don’t have any good reason to positively assume that it indeed did. We do not have to worry that maybe the spatula dripped exactly at that point, unless we have some reason to assume so.
  3. The eggs may be used for milky things. Even though the oven was fleishig, but any small absorbed taste, would have had to go from the food into the walls of the oven. Then from the oven walls into the pan, (which is controversial among the poskim if there is such an issue). Then from the pan into the shell of the eggs. This would be called nat bar nat bar nat (a third absorbed taste. We are not concerned about this. Secondly the eggs were on the bottom, and they would only absorb, the shells worth and not the actual egg. Besides, you aren’t even sure if the pan was hot enough hot to make the eggs fleishig.
  4. The crumbs should have been cleaned off before using the pot or heating it up. However, in retrospect, the crumbs were only a minute amount in comparison to the pot and would be botil.
  5. An item is only a davar charif if the total mixture is sharp. Mayonnaise is not a sharp food, in fact one can taste the lemon juice only slightly.

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