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My daughter (above bas mitzvah) was getting a slurpee at the machine at a 7-11. After the cup was somewhat full (she doesn’t remember how full), she decided she didn’t want that flavor, so she spilled out the cup and refilled it with a different flavor. She then paid for a single cup. Does she have to pay more since she spilled out some more? If so, how much? And would it be allowed to somehow pay it online to the company, because I think the store would think it’s crazy to even ask them.




Essentially she does have to pay for it, unless the management will decide that you don’t. I can’t say how much to pay because you don’t even know how much was taken. You can ask the manager of the store. Paying online to the company may not be the correct address if the store is a franchise and privately owned. It would be very simple for you to just pay for another one, without actually taking it.

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