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Online orders before three weeks that may arrive during three weeks


Kavod HaRav,
Thank you sincerely for your help.
May one order items online before the three weeks begin if these items will be delivered during the three weeks and I would not be saying Shehecheyanu on any of them? For example, new shoes for Shabbos, clothing for weekday, etc…If it is ok to purchase them before the three weeks when they will be delivered during the three weeks, should I not use them until after the three weeks or may I wear the new Shabbos shoes for the first Shabbos after they arrive? Thanks again.



The issue is not to say shehechiyanu during this sad period. Otherwise it is permitted to purchase items that one wouldn’t say sheheciyanu on them. Even during the three weeks. They definitely may be purchased before the three weeks even if they arrive during the three weeks.

Best wishes


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