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Toveling utensils


Kavod haRav,
Thank you for your help.
1.Does halacha require toveling utensils three times each in the mikvah, or one full immersion for each item is sufficient?
2. If it requires three, and I recently toveled several items once each, may they be used or should they be reimmersed (without a bracha?)
3. I said the bracha as I was immersing metal as well as other items after it. I added some fully plastic items to the items that were toveled, but forgot to say bli neder regarding immersing plastic (they are plastic beverage bottles that are reusable). Is there any issue now regarding that I must tovel all (fully) plastic items before using them, or since I said after the toveling (out loud) that toveling plastic is bli neder, there’s no action needed?
Thanks very sincerely.




  1. Halacha does not require one to tovel utensils three times, and once is enough. There are people that do tovel three times, but I don’t know why, nor what the source of this is.
  2. Since it does not require toveling it three times there is no need for you to do anything.
  3. It did not become a neder, because you never meant to tovel it, in a way that it should be a neder, as you said it right toveling it.

Best wishes


ר’ אביגדור נבנצל שליט”א (מציון תצא תורה ח”א אות ש”מ) – “שאלה: האם יש ענין לטבול כלים ג’ פעמים במקוה, והאם צריכים להקפיד במקוה לכלים שיהא המשכה וזריעה כמו במקוה לנשים. תשובה: אין צריך ג’ פעמים, אבל לכאורה כדאי להקפיד כבמקוה נשים”. וכן בס’ כוס של אליהו פרק ז’ הע’ ס”ח מבעל מחזה אליהו) “ואין שום הידור להטביל ג’ פעמים”. וכן הובא בשם הגר”ע אויערבאך שליט”א (מציון תצא תורה ח”א יו”ד הע’ קע”ד, בנתיבות ההלכה חמ”ו עמ’ תרי”ג) – “שאין נוהגים לטבול ג’ פעמים”. וכן ע’ בס’ טבילת כלים (פרק י’ סעיף י”ב) – “מטביל את הכלי במים פעם אחת, ודיו בכך”.


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