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What does a good home mean and how do I get it?




There is a lot to say on this topic, but I’ll keep it brief. From a Jewish angle, a good home means a home that is dedicated to the ideals of the Torah, and keeping the mitzvos. Included in keeping the mitzvos means being considerate of your spouse, working on one’s character, being kind to each other, as is written extensively in Jewish literature. Included in this is that both the husband and wife are dedicating themselves to the common goal of filling the home with the correct environment. An environment, not with an attitude of “what’s in it for me”, and how much pleasure can I get out of things”, rather that we are going to dedicate our lives to growing together, and working on ourselves, to make our home a happy, wholesome place, and a healthy place to bring up a family.  It is a place where each one of the partners knows what their job is, and each partner contributes from their strong points to achieving this great goal. It takes work, but like anything of great value, it takes effort to get it.

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