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Hello Rabbi,
I was eating a peice of cake and feared that a bug flew into it (this actually happens a lot in the summer with bugs flying around or even into/onto food). I kept going because I have OCD and often get rid of food in fear of bugs so I decided to assume the best and think it was a small piece of chocolate that moved on the plate. Then a few minutes later I saw a bug flying around the foodand very near the plate. I kept eating but was this wrong? If a bug touches food, is that food off limits/nonkosher?
(the bug was not eaten). Or better to throw it all away?

Thank you




If a bug touches your food, it is still kosher, as long as the bug isn’t stuck in the food itself. The only concern might be with certain large flies that can lay eggs that are large enough to see, on the food, (if they are microscopic there is no concern about this).

If you are afraid that a bug might have gotten on to your food, you can look at what you are eating while eating it, to make sure there aren’t any bugs there.

Best wishes


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  1. I assume you meant “as long as the bug isn’t stuck”…

    1. Correct. Thank you for pointing this out.

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