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Workers unavailable due to the war


Good morning.

We were supposed to have some significant renovation to an apartment we are buying (it was meant to complete last week but has been delayed to this week iyH) but have not yet moved in. We have our current rental apartment until the end of Kislev, so there is a 2-month window we allocated for the shiputzim before we moved. The Kablan we had agreed to work with relies on Arab workers and currently is unable to get workers as the border crossing are shut, and he may not be able to until after the war is over – iyH swiftly but some assessments are it will take many weeks / months. Are we entitled to find another kablan who has Israeli workers who may be able to do the work now in the time window we want? We hadn’t signed a formal contract with the first kablan but had agreed verbally and by text that he was going to do our work, so wondering if we are bound to use him, or whether his inability to do the work at the time we want it done means we can go elsewhere.
And what would happen if we moved all our work to another kablan and the war finishes in e.g. 3 weeks – would we have to give some of the work back to the initial kablan as there would still be time for him to do some work before we move in?
Thank you



If the kablam tells you that he has no way to finish the work for you at this time, you may find another kablam. It will cost you more, however if this is what you want to do, you may do so. If the work is not finished yet, and the first kablam wants to finish the job, it is questionable, and if it will applicable, we will have check into it then.

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