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Cremation for non Jews


Hi Rabbi,

Could you share some light on non-Jewish cremation for a grieving friend who is a Jew, but their family is not. If a non-Jew is cremated, is there any possibility of them still being able to participate in Techias Hameisim on account of being a righteous gentile? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.




According to those sources that a religious gentile will participate in Techias Hameisim, it is possible that he can merit this even if he s cremated, as he is not commanded to believe in Techias Hameisim. It is however cremation is an incorrect thing to do even for gentile to do.

It is hard for us to know now exactly what will be in the future. What we have to just keep in mind is that we should try to do the will Of Hashem to the best of our ability, and after that we can trust that everyone will be given their just reward when the time of rewards has been reached.

Best wishes


תולדות נח פי”ג אות כ”ד שמביא כמה מראה מקומות בענין עם יש לבן נח ששמר על ז’ מצות בני נח  חלק בתחיית המתים או לא. וע’ שם גם בהערה הערה ל”ג, ול”ד שהעריך בזה וגם הביא כמה מראה מקומות על הענין הזה, אמנם איך שהוא מכריע ואם זה הוא ההלכה אין אני יכול להכריע.


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