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Rosh Chodesh during Chanukah


1. Is Rosh Chodesh this month Tuesday night into Wednesday? May laundry be done Tuesday before sunset?

2. If fasting is not permitted during Chanukah, so people who fast erev Rosh Chodesh fast or not? And women?
Would it be Tuesday afternoon? Tuesday night?
Thank you




1. If Rosh chodesh is tuesday night- Wednesday, you may do laundry before sunset on Tuesday.

2. Correct we do not fast on Chanukah, even on erev Rosh Chodesh. women do not fast on erev Rosh Chodesh, and almost all men don’t either. It is only for especially pious people who are on this level.

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  1. So to be clear, no one fasts erev Rosh Chodesh during Chanukah?

  2. Is it better to have less? I had more water than usual this morning and feel guilty.

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