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Yom Kippur Katan


Hi Rabbi,

When is yom Kippur Katan each month? If Rosh Chodesh is Thursday night and Friday, is it Wednesday night and Thursday? Just Thursday? Thursday night? Something else? Thank you




Yom Kippur katan is always on what is called erev Rosh Chodesh which is always the day before Rosh Chodesh, even if Rosh Chodesh on a particular month will be two days. Yom Kippur katan will only be one day, during the daytime prior to Rosh Chodesh. As a side point I would like to reiterate, that you do not have to fast on Yom Kippur katan, as almost all men do not, and especially women. There are however numerous people who daven a longer mincha, with selichos of Yom Kippur katan.

Best wishes


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  1. Thank you. I am still confused about when it actually is. It would help me to use actual days

    So if Rosh Chodesh is Thursday night and Friday day, when does yom Kippur Katan start and end? Thank you

  2. When erev Rosh Chodesh is a Friday then Yom Kippur Koton selichos are recited in Thursday.

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