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clothing and halacha


Kavod haRav,
Thank you for your help.
Is there any issue for a lady to purchase a fashion style (in a large chain store with multiple locations around the world) that is very modest and proper with regards to style, but the design may be an interpretation of another designers “original” design? With respect to certain items like ladies blazers, long skirts, vests, sometimes they can look similar and different brands can offer similar styles. May a customer purchase such items without concern that maybe they are a style copy or close derivative of another brand? (I tried to do some research before asking the question, and it seems that the liability, if any, would be between the two brands, not the customer who purchases….Also, none of the items being asked about have any indication of what brand they may be “copied” from, ie no specific designer logo pattern, mention of specific designer name…
Thank you in advance




I don’t see any issue with it. It would only be an issue if the first company had a copyright on the style, and if it did a different large would not be copying it. (Besides I don’t even know if it is possible to get a copyright on a style of  ladies dress). Secondly, if it isn’t exactly the same it is not infringing in the copyright.

Enjoy the dress

Best wishes


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