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Baby naming without a Bris


I’m a Rabbi in an American shul. One congregant has a daughter “married” to a non Jewish man. They had a baby boy and the father is adamant that he won’t allow a Bris Milah. In his mind it’s mutilating his son.
The mother would like me to give the baby a Jewish name.
Is it okay to name this uncircumcised baby with a Jewish name?
It seems to me it’s like any אונס stopping the Milah, and it should be okay. Am I correct?




Although the mother is not an אונס, as this whole situation is because of her choosing, the child is still Jewish, and has the right to get a Jewish name. (No different then the many Jewish kids that ae born to non-religious families, and don’t do a bris, but give the child a Jewish name.) As a side point, aside from kabalistic considerations that a person gets a certain level of neshoma at his bris; giving a Jewish name is a separate topic than bris milah, and a person can be given a Jewish name even though he doesn’t have a bris. In fact, in this situation, there is a specific reason to give him a Jewish name, because it will make him aware that he is indeed Jewish, and maybe someday, it will encourage him to seek out his Jewish heritage and come back to his roots. As a side point, if the child is not getting a bris there is no rush to give him a name on the eight day. There are organizations that can help to convince the father that it is worthwhile for his son to have a bris, and maybe the father will change his mind.

May Hashem help Klal Yisroel, that everyone should be inspired to do teshuva.

Best wishes


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