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Tuition and Gaza War


Rabbi, My son was in Israel learning in yeshiva until the war broke out in October 2023. He decided to come home due to the war. After being home for an extended time. He decided not return to the Yeshiva in Israel. I have discussed with the issue with the school. They responded that he although it’s sad for him not to come back, but he is probably not coming back because he wasn’t happy there. I told them no matter what his feelings of the place we would not of brought him home. Most of these kids are not happy at the beginning. It’s a whole new experience for them. The school informed me that the tuition agreement says for “ANY REASON ” the student leaves there is sliding scale of money owed. I am currently in the 75% slot that is owed. I asked the school that I don’t feel that ANY includes a war breaking out. in trying to come to a Torah compromise I asked them would they take 60% and call it a day. Their answer was ” we asked our posek and the contract is valid” I am not rabbi but I am pretty sure that asking someone who is on the payroll is little disingenuous. I am trying to find the true torah guidance. If I am obligated to pay then IYH I will find the money.




The contract does carry a lot of weight, and it would seem that you should honor what it says in the contract. It is not easy to do this, because you are really paying for services that you factually did not receive, nevertheless this is the agreement that is stated. I would assume that this expense is included in “hotoas bonov l’talud Torah” which i one of the mitzvos that we are tod that hashem repays us for all of the expenses. So IY”H you will get all f the money that you pay for this from Hashem, at some point.

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