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Spending for Shabbos


I was in the supermarket with my son and he asked that we get a more expensive type of meat for Shabbos.
I told him it’s more costly and he asked that since he learned all the money from Shabbos comes back, it’s a loss on my end if I don’t splurge.
Is this correct? What should I tell him.
To clarify, we won’t need to go into debt to splurge an extra $50 but we do work hard for our income.




Tell him he is right! the gemora says that whatever a person spends for the honor of Shabbos, is “on the house”. shabbos is Hashem’s day, it is the day we stop everything in order to honor Hashem, and to declare that He created the world, and that He is the supreme ruler of the world, and if He tells us not to work we won’t. Hashem wants us to enjoy his special day, and it is a mitzva to do so. Shabbos is Hashem’s party, and therefore He is the one who will pay the bill… in full.

So by all means, if you can, by it for the honor of hahem and His Shabbos, and you will not only enjoy the shabbos better, you will be paid back in this world for the money you spent, and in the next world for honoring the Shabbos, and fulfilling Hashem’s will.

Who can ask for better, you can have your cake and eat it too, enjoy it, and get paid for it, in this world and the next.

Have a great Shabbos



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