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Engagement by Water?


Recently I’ve seen a big emphasis on going back to the mesorah to get engaged near water. Is this truly our mesorah? I’ve only heard it recently. Please clarify if this indeed is the case or not.

Thank you.



There is an idea to it, that Eliezer met Rivka at a well, The same with Yackov with Rachel, and Moshe met Tzippora at a well. The idea of the water is that running water symbols continuity. As far as I know is not a mesora, or something that Klal Yisroel has been doing throughout the generations, nor is it a minhag that is brought in the halacha seforim. As far as I know, it is a nice idea, but not more than that. As a side point, there numerous things nowadays that are getting promoted, not because they have a strong mesora, but because they are getting a lot of advertising, and whenever starting to do these things one should speak with a mentor beforehand to verify, just how important the idea really is.

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