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Puddle in the fridge


Recently my refrigerator had tons of ice in the back of the fridge. We warmed up the fridge so the ice could melt and I ended up with a giant puddle at the bottom of my fridge where I keep fleishig pots, containers, etc. I didn’t have a chance to clean the fridge until after the puddle sat there for some time- probably more than a day. Do I have to be concerned that maybe the pot sat in something milchig that had dripped once upon time towards the back of the fridge that I didn’t notice? When I cleaned it, I just noticed water and maybe some remnants of soy sauce, but I’m just wondering?




You do not have to be concerned, if there was a lot of water, even if there was a small amount of milk it was most probably botil in the water, and wouldn’t make your pots trief.

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