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Dating post divorce


I’m an adult woman with grown children. If I date a man in the same situation and he invites me to his house for Shabbat or a holiday am I allowed to stay there, in my own room, if there are other adults in the house?




Two people that are very friendly such as a chosson and kallah have to be extra careful when it comes to the halachos of yichud, because they are close to each other. The general custom in many circles is that when visiting such a person, that they do not sleep in the same house, and for this reason. Therefore the best thing is for your date to find some sort of neighbor, that has an extra room for sleeping for Shabbos. However as far as the technical halacha, there has to be another two men there, besides the man you are dating, or another three women. (When certain relative are present, that will change the halacha, but we need to know which relatives they are.)

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  1. Thank you so much for that answer. I think it’s possible that his 2 adult male children and 2 adult female children could be present. If that isn’t good enough, who would you need?

    1. Halachically they would be enough, but as i wrote, it is still better for you to sleep somewhere else.

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