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Tzedakah “mistake”


Hi. Someone who gave money to an organization I volunteer for pledged $100 and ended up sending two checks for $100. We can assume it was a mistake on his behalf, since he only pledged $100 and two seperate checks were sent. Are we mechuyav to tell him about this, being that money given to tzedaka is like hekdesh and obviously we don’t want to take away his mitzvah?




You should contact him, and he should be asked, if the extra check was because he later decided to give another $100, or if it was just an oversight, and he forgot about the first check.

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שולחן ערוך יורה דעה הלכות צדקה סימן רנח סעיף ב “המפריש סלע ואמר: הרי זה צדקה. ואמר על אחר: וזה, גם השני צדקה. (ואם רצה לומר על סלע זה, והוציא בשפתיו על אחר, הוי טעות ואינו כלום)”.


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