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Selling Chametz online


I have done this in the past and perhaps it is incorrect, so wanted to verify, so don’t make the mistake. I live in the USA and have used an organization online that is in Israel to sell my chametz. Since there is a time difference, does that have an affect on the selling and buying back as far as my ownership of the chametz or when I fill out my location they would make it known at the selling that the chametz is sold only from the time it would be restricted for me and that the buy back is only when it would be permitted to me. Appreciate your clarification in this important matter.




While I can’t say what other places do, regarding what we do, is that there is a stipulation in the contract written with the goy, that each person is buying back their chometz only after it is no longer Yom Tov for them. This way it will include the time difference and the extra day of Pesach that you have.

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