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Which Bracha: Hamotzi or Mezonot


I bought some Pumpernickel rye “bread”recently. Looks more like a black brick, very dense and heavy, sliced into 7 slices 3/16″-¼” thick, it’s rectangular and comes in a vacuum plastic bag. Has the K Parve on it. This is a typical “bread” from Northern Europe. 100% Rye, water, yeast, malt extract, salt. I’m not sure which Bracha to say since it’s so dense it has only very tiny holes in it’s texture, not like regular bread which has expanded. this one is just dense and thick. Can you help????



The bracha on it would be Hamotzei, as the fact that the bread is dense will not change it’s bracha to make it mezonos. I do have to add that it is not recommended to eat the bread regardless of it’s bracha, unless the “K parve” is a reputable hashgocha. This is because if it doesn’t have a reliable supervising agency even though the bread can look very innocent, it could have been made with utensils that were used to make non-kosher products. Therefore although in previous generations, it night have been kosher, ( if you aren’t concerned with pas palter) nowadays, kashrus is a lot more complicated.


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