If one tied his shoes on Shabbos with the intention to untie them within 24 hours but forgot to untie them, Will he be permitted to untie them on the following Shabbos or will this be a problem of untying since they were tied for the entire week or do we say since the intention was to unite them it is not a problem of untying?


Since he did not mean to keep it tied for that amount and he usually doesn’t keep his shoes tied for a week it is permitted to untie them. This is only if the shoes were permitted to untie on shabbos itself, but if they were tied in a way that they may not be untied, i.e. it was a double knot, then they may not be untied.


O:CH 317-1, Taz ibid -2,  M:B ibid 6. R’ Y. Stillerman.

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