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if a man toivels in a pool or river etc on shabbos, when he gets out there is water clinging to his body that will fall onto the grass….can we assume that it is a davar sheino miskaven and since it is kil’acher yad and therefore no problem? thanks!


You are right. After a person is in a lake or pool, the minute amount of water that might drip on the grass as he is walking away will not be an issue of zoreah. This is because it is aino miskaven, and even if it would be a psik reisha, it is lo nicha ley, as this minute amount is not something that he would specifically want, because it will not really nelp the grass grow. Besides, if it isn’t his property it surely isn’t nicha ley. Secondly it is klachaer yad, and missasek, plus the grass near a lake or pool is very probably saturated with water and you are not causing any zriyah.



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  1. Interesting. For an indoor mikveh or pool, not an issue. But why would we not be concerned about Mares Ayin for swimming on Shabbos if it’s in a river, outside water body?

    1. In certan instances it is because one may come to fashion a floating device

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