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Chatzitzah on Handles

I toiveled a pot recently. Before I toiveld it I took off all the chatziztos. My wife then used the pot for cooking in. However, after a week or so we noticed that on the handles of the pot there were still some chatziztos which I neglected to take off. It should be noted that the handles are screwed on to the pot, which means that they are removable, and therefore not obligated in tevilah. Was this me’akev and I have to toivel again, or I don’t need to?


The pot should be immersed again, without a berachah (a berachah should preferably be made on another utensil that is obligated in immersion).

Sources: The handles are considered a part of the pot — if they would not be considered part of the pot, they would themselves constitute a chatzitzah, and would have to be unscrewed before immersion. As part of the pot, the laws of chatzitzah applies even to the handles, meaning although the handles themselves do not form a partition between the water and the pot, the chatzitzah on the handles does form a partition, and therefore the pot needs to be immersed again.  This is ruled by Darkei Teshuvah (Yoreh De’ah 120:97), and considered “simple” by Tevilas Keilim (chap. 5, note 7).

The reason I wrote not to make another berachah is because I do not know the nature of the chatzitzah and how makpid you were on it.

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