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Artificial Insemination Using Donor Sperm

A couple is experiencing infertility. The husband is unable to produce sperm. Is there any halachic permissibility to artificially inseminate using donor sperm? Thank You.


Leading halachic authorities have debated this delicate question at length. According to some authorities, it is permitted to use the sperm of a non-Jewish donor for the purpose of artificial insemination. However, other authorities have not agreed to the use of this option. For further guidance, I would advise consultation with an orthodox rabbi with whom you have a personal connection, who would be better suited to offer counsel for so delicate a question.

Sources: Iggros Moshe (Even Ha’Ezer 1:71) permits receiving a sperm donation from a non-Jew; however, a number of authorities, including Minchas Yitzchak (4:5), Tzitz Eliezer (9:51), and Yabia Omer (8:21), prohibit it. 

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