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Personal Requests in English/Singing before non-Jew/Walking in front

1)during shemona esrei am i allowed to say personal bakashos (in english) not by shema koleinu- randomly- example:by rifaeinu?
2)what exactly is th e halacha about not walking in front if someone who is davening? if the persons eyes are closed?
3)do you have to be shomer negia with a not jewish guy like by the supermarket dio you have to tell the man worker there to put the change down on the counter or can he just hand it to you even if by mistake he might touch you? also are you allowed to sing in front of a not jewish guy example a cleaning man?
thank you so much!


1) It is permitted to add personal requests during the Shemoneh Esrei, even in English, provided that the request fits the particular blessing that is being said (emerges from Mishnah Berurah 122:8). If the request is lengthy, it should be deferred to the end of the Shemoneh Esrei.

2) One may not walk in front of somebody who is davening the Shemoneh Esrei (within 4 amos), even if his eyes are closed (although his concentration won’t be disturbed, there is also the reason of the Shechinah that is before him). See Mishnah Berurah 102:15.

3) You can receive the change in the supermarket directly from the man’s hand, for even if hands will touch, there is no chibah (show of affection) in this. It is permitted to sing even when a non-Jewish caretaker can hear. See Rivevos Efraim vol. 5, no. 491.

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