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Bugs in Coffee

What is the Kashrus status of coffee in which insects can be discovered in the spent coffee slug?

In this case, whole roasted coffee beans are purchased from a coffee shop. It is after the roasting that the insects make their way into the coffee beans. These beans are loaded into a (home) coffee making machine which, upon the machine being operated, will draw a measure of whole beans, grind them coarsely, and pump hot water through the ground beans. The slug of used coffee is then removed from the machine and it is in this slug that insects can sometimes be found.


The answer to this question depends on the incidence of insects in the final product. If due to the grinding process, one virtually never finds bugs in the final coffee, one need not be stringent. If, however, bugs are occassionally found in the coffee, and drinking the coffee involves a tangible risk of intaking the insects, it would not be permitted to drink the coffee without first ensuring that there are no bugs in it.

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