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Timing Relations for Ovulatoin

Tahara Mishpaha. A lady attends a mikveh on a Tuesday night, her ovulation begins 6 days later, Monday night. In order to maximize the chances of becoming pregnant, what are the best times to perform the mitzva? Of importance is the individual health and age, medical history and tests. Is there a best time and how long must the couple try, before seeking fertility medical experts? Is performing the mitzva on the night of the immersion for emotional closenes only, if the couple wishes to, be-Ezrat Hashem be blessed with children, or they may wait closer to day 5, 6 and 7 after the mikveh for the 24 h individual ovulation of the lady? Also, may I also request all of you studying at the Kollel for a bracha. Thank you.


The chances of becoming pregnant are maximized when the mitzvah is performed around the time of ovulation: A day or two before, or on the day of ovulation. The day after ovulation retains a chance of becoming pregnant, but the chances become slimmer as time passes.

Generally, ovulation will not be so distant from the time of immersion. For most women, the luteal phase (from ovulation to the next period) is around fourteen days, and for a thirty-month cycle ovulation will be on the sixteenth day. This is commonly not distant from the mikvanight, ensuring a decent chance of becoming pregnant.

Even if one knows that there is no chance of becoming pregant on the mikva night, the mitzvah should not be delayed, and one should have relations again on next week. The reason for this is that irrespective of becoming pregnant, there is a mitzvah (mitzvas onah) of being together on the mikva night, and this should not be missed.

Fertiliy experts should be consulted after between a year and a half and two years of trying, including timing based on ovulation. The time of ovulation can be knows from a variety of physical symptoms.

Our berachah is of course with you, for wellbeing and for every success.

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